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“Be responsible” means to act consciously, safely in an emergency, isolation or immediate evacuation. We believe that only the right preparation and attitude will help not to panic and act confidently, even in the most extreme situations. It is this sense of responsibility that has motivated us to create the best evacuation kit on the market.

Helpbag Idea
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Helpbag Jak powstal
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How was it created?

Help Bag was created in a small sewing workshop, under the guidance of true master designers. It was designed and is completed in Poland.

We want our products to serve you reliably for many years, which is why they are sewn from genuine and certified CORDURA® fabric. The brand produces some of the most durable textiles on the market. It features very high tear and abrasion resistance, making HELP BAG® products almost indestructible. Resilient zippers and heavy-duty buckles come only from the best manufacturers. The contents of your backpack, bag and modules are safe in all conditions!

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