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What should an evacuation kit contain?

An evacuation (escape) kit is also known by the English acronym BOB. Its basic premise is to be able to take it at any time, along with all the most important items to protect our lives for a minimum of three days (72 hours). Completing such a kit yourself, however, may not be easy.

Where to start

When choosing the ideal evacuation kit, it is important to pay attention to several aspects.

The first most important point will be the weight. If the kit is too heavy, it will limit our mobility. Its capacity does not have to exceed 35 liters.

On a par with the first point in choosing an evacuation kit, attention should be paid to the material it will be made of. Weak and thin material used in production, may not stand up to the prevailing conditions and break under the weight of equipment. The best material seems to be CORDURA®, extremely resistant to abrasion and tearing.


Of course, it is best to buy a complete evacuation kit with full equipment. This way we will be sure not to leave anything out, and all items will be in the best place for them.

Essential for survival is water, which unfortunately is quite heavy and takes up a lot of space, so water purification tablets should be included in the evacuation kit. They kill bacteria, the consumption of which leads to poisoning of the body. Help Bag™ evacuation kits also include a steel mug and burner necessary for boiling water, and a thermos in which to store a supply of water should another source of water be unavailable for a long time.

Survival will also be ensured by the ability to light a fire. A lighter, matches and a flint must not be missing. Light is another thing we need to take care of to ensure our safety, so it would be best to have several independent light sources such as a head flashlight, a classic flashlight and a dynamo flashlight. An additional source of energy in the form of a power bank is at a premium.

Let’s take responsibility for the lives of ourselves and those we encounter, so let’s take care of the necessary equipment that is a first aid kit. The portable hygiene kit will help us stay comfortable during increased exertion in difficult and adverse conditions.

The atmospheric conditions in which we live can also pose a threat to our health. An evacuation kit should include a thermal blanket, hand and foot warmers and, most importantly, a rain cape. A simple tool kit, for example, will help prepare a makeshift shelter. Essential items that should be included in an evacuation kit are a knife, a strong rope, a folding handsaw and repair tape.

The evacuation kit should include a sleeping bag to protect us from the cold, as well as an inflatable pillow to increase our comfort. The kit should be protected from getting wet. So a rain cover will come in handy.

In case of smoke or air poisoning, protective goggles and a filter mask to cover the nose and mouth may be necessary.

Help Bag™ ready-made evacuation kits include:

  • first aid kit
  • mouthpiece for artificial respiration
  • thermal blanket
  • multifunction tool
  • emergency phone with fm radio
  • sleeping bag
  • power bank
  • hygiene kit
  • leather and work gloves
  • water disinfection tablets
  • headlamp
  • hand and foot warmers
  • repair tape
  • lighter
  • warning lamp
  • Flint with whistle and compass
  • zip ties
  • gas burner
  • reflective vest
  • rescue knife
  • safety goggles
  • half-mask respirator
  • handsaw
  • quick-dry towel
  • steel mug
  • raincoat

All these solutions are applied in Help Bag™ evacuation kits. It is a complete product, created based on the suggestions of experienced rescuers and enthusiasts of the art of survival. Help Bag™ products are indispensable for any responsible person who values safety not only in extreme situations, but also in everyday life. Source: Help Bag™ – Evacuation Kits

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