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Evacuation kit – why is it needed?

You’re probably wondering in what situations an evacuation kit is useful. Evacuation is the organized movement of people from a place under threat to a safe area.

There are several types of evacuation

Planned evacuation – is prepared at a safe time, carried out regularly as a drill, and implemented during the period of emergency. Most often, it prepares for hazards such as fire, attack by armed forces, disaster or flood.

Emergency evacuation – involves taking immediate action to move the threatened population or unit to a safe place.

Most often, evacuation is carried out by emergency services in an organized and safe manner.

Unfortunately, it often happens that we have to rely solely on ourselves for a while. It is worth preparing for such an eventuality and taking responsibility for the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Familiarize yourself with the building’s evacuation plan (he’s not hanging in the hallway for decoration), or develop your own. Have a prepared and rehearsed plan of action, including the most likely threats that may occur in your environment. It is worth preparing an evacuation kit in advance, preferably with ready-made equipment. When the need arises, we take it and move away to a safe place.

Evacuation kit – what is its task

The evacuation kit is designed to take care of our basic needs when we are on our own. The most popular evacuation kit is the Help Bag™. What sets it apart?

The Help Bag™ ready evacuation kit provides, among other things, basic access to energy, heat, hygiene and dressing supplies, and will give you the ability to safely evacuate a smoky or contaminated area with a mask and protective goggles. A kitchen module and a sleeping bag along with an inflatable pillow will help you recuperate.

Taking it with you on longer trips will really make you feel safer. Such a set does not take up much space, so you can keep it at the exit of the house/apartment or in the car trunk.

Evacuation kit in the city

An extended power outage, for example, has happened to each of us. This is when phones are most often discharged, lights go out, and electric stove users are also deprived of access to hot meals. With the Help Bag™ evacuation kit, we’ll live to see electricity restored peacefully, as we’ll have items such as a power bank, radio, flashlight and even a gas burner on hand.

Source: Help Bag™ – Evacuation Kits

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